Would you like to get involved as a judge or volunteer?


Judging our Dressage and Reinmanship competitions is not very different to judging a ridden dressage competition, and anyone who currently judges unofficial and official Dressage competitions at Riding clubs is welcome to join us as a judge. We have guidelines to help you understand the competition criteria and we will support you and help you build your judging portfolio with us. There is also the opportunity to design courses, obstacles or tasks for our Cones&Obstacles and Agility competitions; making interesting and  challenging competitions to test the skills of the handlers and horses.


Being a volunteer can be very rewarding and we have many opportunities available for anyone who would like to join us at our events to help on the day. Whether you would like to steward, write for the dressage judge, time a competition, design a course or simply help organise refreshments, you will be made very welcome.


Anyone interested in judging or volunteering, please contact the secretary@long-reiningUK.org.uk.


Contact us: E: secretary@long-reiningUK.org.uk