DEMO & COME TRY DAY - Saturday March 9, 2019

Venue: Anvil Park Stud, Larling, Norfolk, NR16 2QU


We had a good turnout at our first Demo and Come Try Long-reining day. Those who came enjoyed a full day of demos, starting with handlers dress code and equipment and tack, to the rules of competing and safety when long-reining. Karen Doughty gave a wonderful demonstration of starting a horse in long-reins and double-line lunge using a pony she had never worked with before, and ending the session trotting confidently in long-reins. Our fabulous handlers produced demos of the dressage and reinmanship tests, with tips on how to drive circles and what the judge is looking for.


During the break, we were delighted to welcome Tracey Sawyer along to demo the Equisage Pulse UK massaging equipment for horses and humans. Our final session was the Cones&obstacle competition where all participants were treated to a guided course walk, followed by two handlers demoing the course. Then we asked our participants to become judges themselves in a 'spot the mistakes' demo by Laura Priestley - our new judges did a fabulous job of spotting her mistakes and she was saved from elimination!


Those who purchased the Come Try session enjoyed working the ponies in long-reins and tried some dressage movements including work at the trot, skilfully guided by the handlers, followed by a second session of long-reining the Cones&obstacle course.


Our thanks to Laura Priestley, Linda Porter-Cohen, Wendy Goode and Karen Doughty for providing their ponies for the demos and come try sessions, supported by helpers Deleyse Brown and Sandra Priestley.



Contact us: E: secretary@long-reiningUK.org.uk