We appreciate that most people coming to our competitions may never have done this sort of thing before. That’s why we have officials who are always happy to help you on the day; whether its advice about the rules or what you need to do, and they’ll even walk the course with you.


We hold regular competitions in Norfolk and Suffolk venues and welcome affiliated riding and driving clubs around the UK to hold our competitions. You do not need to be a members of Long-reiningUK to compete, but being a member does give you discounted entry fees and a chance of winning our annual awards.


See Membership for details on how to apply to become a member.



Rules for competitions


Download the rulebook here (pdf)


We have a Handbook that describes the rules for each competition - Dressage, Reinmanship, Cones&Obstacle and Agility - and also includes the general rules for competing.


Dress Code


The dress code for these competitions is ‘workmanlike’ and therefore clothing should allow the Handler to move freely without restriction. Handlers should dress appropriately for the competition, level of competition entered and for the weather conditions.


A secure safety hat, designed to provide protection, must be worn and securely fastened at all times when competing, during warm-up and during exercising. The hat must conform to the latest BHS/BEF standards.

Hats that are mirrored are not permitted.  Hat covers are permitted.


As for the dress code:


  • Gloves (optional).
  • Shoes must be sturdy and suitable for the arena surface, such as riding boots or equestrian ‘trainers’ that are specifically designed for yard work and training from the ground. Short riding boots with gaiters may be worn.
  • Competitors may wear a show jacket and/or a waist coat.
  • Sleeveless shirts may only be worn under a jacket.
  • A stock or tie must be worn if the shirt does not have a high-neck collar.
  • Polo shirts, with small motifs or decoration such as a sponsor name, may be worn.
  • Trousers, breeches, riding jodhpurs or jeans may be worn. Skirts may be worn.
  • Shorts and short-leggings, T-shirts and Track Pants are not permitted.


In wet and winter weather dress warmly:


  • Competitors may wear waterproof trousers and jackets, Ski trousers and jackets, and bandana/neckacheif or scarf (that is neatly tied and not trailing) are permited.


Novelty dress:


We often hold themed competitions, at Easter, Christmas and other times throughout the year. Novelty dress is optional.


Novelty dress may be worn for Freestyle Dressage tests, in Concours d’Elegance competitions, Pairs and Quadrilles, and at events that offer a prize for the best novelty dress (e.g. Summer or Super Hero themed events).


Tack & Equipment

It is the choice of the competitor whether to long-rein in lunging equipment or driving harness (unless a competition specifies the type of equipment to be used).



The following may be used:

  • Bitless bridle.
  • Riding bridle.
  • Driving bridle with blinkers.


There is no restriction on the type of noseband used.


There are no restrictions on the type of bit used.



  • Long-reins may be connected or unconnected.
  • Unconnected reins must not be passed around the body of the Handler.
  • A set of Driving reins may be used.
  • Two lungeing or rope reins may be used.
  • Long-reins should be of a suitable length to prevent coiling large amounts of rein in the hands.
  • Long-reins must be attached to the bit or suitable points on a bitless bridle or cavesson.



Equipment & accessories

Horses may compete in schooling equipment or in a driving harness (or part of driving harness).


Leg protection is permitted in all competitions. There are no restrictions on the type of leg protection (boots, bandages, over-reach boots etc.)


A whip is recommended (optional). There is no restriction on the type of whip used.


The following artificial aids are permitted:

  • Side Reins, not fixed, with elastic inserts or elasticated.
  • Lungie-Bungie.


The following are permitted:

  • Fly veil/ hood (must not be connected to the noseband).
  • Nosenet
  • Face masks
  • Clip cheek piece attachment
  • Bit guards
  • Glitter plait bands (for mane/tail)
  • False tails
  • Saddle pad or numnah - any colour and material
  • Cavesson













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